Air Freight

For the larger consignments of commercial goods or personal effects which need to be delivered within a few days, air freight is the best option.

Some routes can be size limited whilst others have freighter options allowing for the movement of much larger pieces. For regular shippers on the same route a permanent booking system can be arranged at lower than normal rates.

Some destinations in Russia can only be accessed by plane or helicopter so air freight is not just an option but the only option. Where possible we try and route consignments on a direct basis to minimise handling and travel time.

Customs clearance must be taken in to account when planning the route and we can offer a wealth of advice on these issues.

“The painting was delivered safely. It is perfectly packed, thank you. It was very pleasant to me to deal with you. I was so happy to contact with such great and friendly person”
Art Collector, Novosibirsk

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