Controlled Exports

Blackthorne have a deep understanding of the requirements set out by the UK Export Control Organisation (ECO) for exporting goods under an export licence.

Our staff are trained to understand and classify goods listed in the UK Strategic Export Control List therefore enabling you to better understand the classification and requirements for your goods.

We can offer a full service through management of your Export Licensing Programme from registration on SPIRE through to export of goods and declarations of licence use. We also provide advice and database services for recording software transfer export by electronic means.

First Digit – Primary Category

EU Dual-Use List Categories

Category 0 Nuclear materials, facilities and equipment
Category 1 Special materials and related equipment
Category 2 Materials processing
Category 3 Electronics
Category 4 Computers
Category 5 Telecommunications and “information security”
Category 6 Sensors and lasers
Category 7 Navigation and avionics
Category 8 Marine
Category 9 Aerospace and Propulsion

Second Digit – Sub Category

A Systems, Equipment and Components
B Test, Inspection, Production Equipment
C Materials
D Software
E Technology

Further Digits – Up to three

These represent the more detailed goods description and may be followed by further sub categories.

Originating Regimes

A Australia Group
C Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)
M Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)
N Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) Dual-Use List
T Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) Trigger List
W Wassenaar Agreement
WS Wassenaar Agreement Sensitive List
WVS Wassenaar Agreement Very Sensitive List

Responsible exports

A short 8-minute introductory film which emphasises that export control is a serious responsibility which affects us all. It explains briefly what is controlled and why. It also outlines the criteria against which all licence applications are judged. Find out more and take appropriate action where necessary.

Open Licence Audits explained

This film explains what to expect from and how to prepare for ECO Compliance Audits. These audits are a requirement of exporters registered for either an Open General Licence (OGL), EU General Export Authorisation (EU GEA) or Open Individual Export Licence (OIEL).

For more detailed information or if you would like to meet one of our Export Licencing Team please get in contact.

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