Data Center Deliveries – Some Facts

If your company has taken rack space in a data centre, your company is responsible for the delivery of the equipment, customs clearance and complying with all local import laws, not the data center.

The Issues

1. You’re company has no legal entity in the data centre location.
2. You have no ability to import your equipment in to this territory.

The solution

1. You appoint a company who can act as your legal entity for this purpose.

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Blackthorne International Transport offer a complete turn key solution to your international import and export compliance issues. We take over the problems you encounter from door to door.

The term used is ‘Importer of Record’ and is a very simple process. Many companies will try to convince you that importing is a complex issue and costs a lot of money – FALSE. As long as you follow the step by step legal framework in each country it is very easy and not expensive. We know the rules so we take this compliance issue on your behalf.

Many companies will tell you that Importer of Record services are based on a percentage of the goods value – FALSE. The import of goods is a single transaction albeit prepared for customs formalities but a single transaction which is why we at Blackthorne advocate a fixed fee IOR no matter the value.

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