Freight turnover of Russian air carriers increased by 20% in June

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According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, the freight turnover of Russian airlines grew by 20% to 525.1 million tonne-kilometres in June 2016, when compared with the same period in 2015. International traffic grew by 22.7%, while internal traffic grew by 5.4%.

However, the volume of cargo and mail transported in June dropped by 12.3% to 77 thousand tonnes. This was due to the fall in volume in international traffic by 17.5% to 55.3 thousand tonnes. Meanwhile, in domestic traffic, Russian air carriers delivered 29.1 thousand tonnes of cargo and mail, which is 4.5% higher than in June last year.

On a 6 month basis, when compared to the same period last year, the volume of freight traffic carried by Russian airlines decreased by 12.5% and amounted to 437 thousand tonnes. However, the turnover of Russian airlines increased by 13.3% and amounted to 3 million tonne-kilometers.

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