Blackthorne International Transport specialises in delivering all types of cargo to Russia.

With a wealth of industry and Russian knowledge we can assist with any inquiry you may have. Our offices in Moscow, Switzerland and the UK are filled with friendly, professional staff that are able to speak English and Russian.

About our knowledge.

Our staff undertake export and import compliance training throughout the world. We particularly emphasise training on dual use commodities of category 4 and 5. Our primary training centres are London, Brussels, Hong Kong and the US (various centres). In London we also assist the Government in writing protocol and classification.

We have the following accreditations:

This is an approval by the UK Government that we are compliant with the highest levels of customs compliance, fiscal responsibility and supply chain security.

This is an approval by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to show we comply with the highest levels of Aviation security for the protections of passengers and crew. In all honesty this is the most important one for us so we place particular emphasis on the security of any item we handle being placed on a flight.

ISO 9001
This is an award to show we will work with you and conduct outr business to the highest accredited standard. Wd take our business seriously which demonstrateswe take your business seriously.

ISO 14001
This is our environmental standard. Not only do our business operations have an effect on the environment which we monitort but more importantly our business will have an effect on our immediate local environment. This is the real reason we have this standard. We care for where we work and we care for our neighbours. We regularly assess the impact we have on our neighbours and address any issues with them directly. We are regularly meeting with the Colnbrook residents association and doing everything in our power to assist them with their local causes. We don’t live in shit personally so we ensure our staff and neighbours don’t either.

ISO 27001
This is a hard one to get but we care about it. Any business or data you share with us can be considered secure. We have accreditation ton 27001 standards.

Responsible Packing

Blackthorne can arrange the export packing of any item or equipment you would like to send abroad from fine art and antiques to machine parts. We also pack and arrange the correct documentation for consignments of dangerous goods. Our cases are made from treated wood coming from sustainable sources.

Event Logistics

Blackthorne International Transport provide logistics support to global events with cost effective and diverse options for freight handling from origin endpoint with the most cost-efficient, time-definite means, using our vast industry experience and the latest technology.


We operate a bespoke warehousing and distribution centre in London Heathrow, Zurich Airport and Moscow with regular next day deliveries in Moscow and the surrounding area. Your export shipments can be sent in advance, customs cleared into Russia and held in our warehouse until called for by you or your customers, saving shipping and transit time.

Moving Your Pet Abroad

Your pet is part of your family and as such great care must be taken to ensure a comfortable move. We understand this and can assure you that your pet is as important to us as it is to you. As agents for Aeroflot in the UK we are responsible to take great care in organising your pet’s passage through customs and obtaining the necessary health checks.


BIFA represents over 1,500 UK companies in the freight and logistics sector. Members trade under a nationally accepted set of Trading Conditions that are insurance sector-backed.

The RBCC has a membership base of around 600 organisations, representing Russian, UK and international companies interested in strengthening their existing ties with Russia/UK or expanding into a new market.

IATA accreditation provides agents with industry recognition of their financial and professional competence and airlines with a worldwide distribution network of approved agents to sell their product.

FIATA represents today an industry covering approximately 40,000 forwarding and logistics firms, employing around 8 - 10 million people in 150 countries.

ISO 9001 deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems, including the eight management principles upon which the family of standards is based.

ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an Environmental Management System - a framework to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and drive down costs.

The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group works with businesses across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Swindon to help them achieve their full business potential.

Blackthorne International Transport are pleased to be an approved vendor to the United Nations. The United Nations represents a global market of over $100bn annually for all types of products and services.


The Slough Business Awards reward businesses for their performance, excellence and entrepreneurship across a number of categories from start up to corporate business providing them with an opportunity to be recognised by their peers and the wider community.

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The British Expertise International Awards recognise outstanding international achievements by companies in the UK.
Blackthorne came highly-commended in 2015 for Outstanding International Business (SME).

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