Road Freight

Most freight to Russia arrives by truck either across the Finnish or Latvian border.

Groupage trucks carrying goods for a number of shippers would normally unload first in either Finland or Latvia for reloading on to Russian trucks later. One of the main reasons for this is that when the truck crosses the Russian border it can only normally carry 3 individual shipments. The reload process consolidates the most appropriate size shipments together to maximise and make use of the truck’s payload capacity.

Most groupage trucks with Russian cargo depart the UK on Fridays and arrive in their transshipment points either Wednesday or Thursday the following week. It can then take up to 7 further days from this point for arrival in Moscow. A dedicated vehicle can make the journey in about 5 days depending on the time of year.

Goods for events under ATA carnet can also travel by truck and – time permitting – is generally the most economical way to ship.

In winter times may be extended.

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